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Advice for Moving with Children

Moving with children can be stressful for everyone but especially for your little ones. It can be very helpful to prepare your child/children for this huge life change. Start early by discussing the where, what, when, and why with your children. Tell them where you will be moving, and what the place will be like. What type of home are you moving to, and how will it be different from where you live now? When will you be moving, break that down to be age appropriate? What will it look like to move, and paint the picture for your child? Start with the basics, you will go look at some houses, pack boxes, eventually, load up a truck, then move into your new place.

Here are a few tips to help your children with the upcoming move:

  • Let your children help pack up boxes with you
  • Children should be involved in the process, looking at new homes/schools/etc
  • Take time to talk with them about their worries and concerns
  • Let kids keep special items with them throughout the move process
  • Make the new home feel familiar
  • Let them help make decorating decisions for their new room
  • Check out our fun “Moving to Your New Home” coloring book

Note: Moving crew members will provide each child with a copy of the coloring book and crayons!


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